Whilst is a new company, it has been set up to deal with the next phase of corporate entertaining and event hosting which is taking the USA by storm but we have tweaked it!

Most of the regular photographers at have studied and trained together and are best friends. However there is quite a bit of healthy rivalry between them. Always looking for that illusive shot, so they thrive on their competitive nature and their ability to deliver the goods. You are always going to get the edgy stuff.

Its difficult to convey in words, the effect that happens when you have the paparazzi at your event. Whilst initially your guests are surprised they very quickly get into the groove and start enjoying the whole experience. It takes the excitement and atmosphere to another level. Everyone wanting to be photographed with friends, family and colleagues. Your guests will be completely at ease with the “papz” teams

We believe that you deserve the best quality imagery. So we use high res equipment to deliver top notch pix. In fact, it’s the “papz” determination and energy for their work, that drives up the excitement and atmosphere. They will direct your guests, getting the posing spot on and their empathy for the models will capture the best shots.

As events progress the “papz” become part of the furniture. This is when your guests may take it upon themselves to get a sequence of shots. Sometimes candid or even risque. The common factor is they are invariably funny, not so much “OK” magazine and more “NUTZ” !!!

Whilst we are comfortable taking the pix, rest assured, discretion is our byword and we never publish any compromising images unless specified by the sponsor, who will usually consent due of their hilarious nature.

We are continually scanning for the shots as our brief is to capture everything especially the ambience, the antics and the atmosphere.