Events Photography

Dreaming about having your own moment on the red carpet?  ……..Let us give you your “Fifteen minutes of Fame”

How about a great entertainment option for any venue! Make your guests feel more special with the paparazzi photographers in attendance. Authentically dressed, brandishing press badges and professional D-SLR cameras. We look so real your guests will believe they are the real deal. Fantastic for every occasion with increased excitement our events photography teams will send the atmosphere through the roof.

For outdoor events and parties, the paparazzi can snap your guests as they arrive at the venue and when mingling with the crowd to get the candid and humorous pix. We use telephoto lenses to get the unsuspected shots, all in true celebrity style and done in a tasteful manner with our complimentary finesse.

Once “papped” we will document and web host your event in a dedicated gallery. Everyone can cherish the occasion, giving your guests the opportunity to view and download the images they want at just £2 each.

You will have seen, the site has links to the social networks, this means you can post your “papped pix” and “tweets” on Facebook and twitter in a matter of seconds.

We believe that you deserve the best quality imagery. So we use high res equipment to deliver top notch pix. In fact, it’s the “papz” determination and energy for their work, that drives up the excitement and atmosphere. They will direct your guests, getting the posing spot on and their empathy for the models will capture the best shots.

As events progress the “papz” become part of the furniture. This is when your guests may take it upon themselves to get a sequence of shots. Sometimes candid or even risque. The common factor is they are invariably funny, not so much “OK” magazine and more “NUTZ” !!!

Whilst we are comfortable taking the pix, rest assured, discretion is our byword and we never publish any compromising images unless specified by the sponsor, who will usually consent due of their hilarious nature.

We will check the venue prior to the event to establish our work zones. Where we can get your arrival shots and the shots with the best backdrops. It works best when the client supplies details of the festivities. Like who needs to be snapped, the formal shots, prize givings, award ceremony, team pictures, management, high achievers, mother of the Bride…………….the running order and so forth, so that we can allocate and dovetail the formal shots without missing the action.

We can supply just a single or up to 10 “papz” photographers for a minimum of two hours or for the duration of the events.

Our starter package is just £249

Just give us a call to discuss your event now. We will be happy to take some details, advise is free and we can tailor something specific to your needs and budget.