Welcome to our “pixqiz” competition

There is a great prize waiting for someone and that’s why “pixqiz” isn’t easy and you will have to work for it. There will be just one winner for each competition. Either an outright winner or in the case of ┬ámultiple correct entries – one will be drawn out of a hat.

The winner will recieve a free professional portraiture shoot. This can be in a studio, on location or at home. A fantastic prize to add to or create a new portfolio for any budding model, actor or actress. The prize is for you or who ever you choose. So you could give it as a gift to a loved one and what a wonderful present it will make.

Once the shoot is finished, we will edit all of the images and select three which we will develop and have them professionally mounted ready for your framing. You will also get a CD of all the digital images to use as you please – make more prints up to post on Facebook, or use as a screen saver for a laptop or your phone perhaps. Of course we will publish the shoot in our galleries too.

Essentially the rules are as follows. We will put up an establishing photograph of the location so that you have a rough idea where to be looking. Then you will need to identify all or as many as you can of the pictures featured. Name what is in the picture and where it was taken from?

So for example this competition is located in and around the buildings in the first image – the establishing shot. This is a picture of the Pierhead Building and the Wales Millenium Centre which are located in “The Bay” in Cardiff. The second picture is one of the door handles of the Millenium Centre. So they will be your first and second answers, now we’ve left the door open and you need to get another seven answers, simples eh!

Once you have worked out your answers, to enter the competition email us at pixqiz@paparazzi4hire.net

Good Luck!!